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Uromastyx - Egyptian

Alternative Name
Dab Lizard, Spiny Mastigure, Spiny Tailed Lizard Scientific Name: Uromastyx aegypticus

Basic Info

The Egyptian Uromastyx is a solid yellowish color can grow up to three feet in length, but they generally remain at about a foot and half. Males are a little larger than females but generally it is best to sex them by the presence of prefemoral pores in males.


It is especially important that your Egyptian Uromastyx not be kept in levels of high humidity, as this will cause respiratory infections.Be sure that hatchling or young Egyptian Uromastyx are not kept in sand, as they may ingest it and die. Newspaper works best for younger lizards.

Uromastyx - Egyptian picture

Northeastern Africa


The Egyptian Uromastyx is an exotic but easy-to-care-for lizard. If you are looking for a beautiful but durable reptile pet, the Egyptian Uromastyx may be right for you! The Dab Lizard is not territorial, which means it can be kept in groups. Though extremely easy to care for, it is important that the enclosure be kept very warm. The temperature should be about 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, with about a ten-degree drop at night. Also, a basking spot of about 110 degrees is required. Use a full spectrum UVB light. Also, ensure that your Spiny Mastigure has lots of hiding spots - hollow logs or rocks with overhangs work nicely. This way the lizard has shade and a place to retreat should he become stressed. Because they are native to deserts, the Egyptian Uromastyx needs dry heat. When they are shedding you should mist them or soak them in water for five to ten minutes to help them shed their skins. It is often recommended that birdseed be sprinkled on their food a few times a week to aid in digestion. In addition, the Dab Lizard needs some animal protein; so feed crickets or mealworms at least once a week. Sand works nicely as a substrate, but be sure it is silica-free. Silica will tear up the insides of the digestive systems in Dab Lizards. Egyptian Uromastyx also like to dig burrows and sand that is eight inches deep will allow them to do this. As is true with most other lizards males should not be housed together or they may fight. Egyptian Uromastyxes live an average of 10 to 15 years, depending on how well they are kept.




The Egyptian Uromastyx is native to the dry areas of Northeastern Africa, as its name implies.

Common Foods

Your Egyptian Uromastyx should be fed lots of dark leafy greens such as collard greens, endive, and escarole. Caution should be taken when feeding vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and spinach as they are calcium-binding vegetables.


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